Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Flying economy with a baby

We planned Ryan's first holiday back in February. Hubby's parents have a holiday home in Spain where we tend to join them every year. Ryan actually came with us last year when he was just a bump!

Passport sorted we booked some cheap flights with a famous economy airline. Under 2s don't get their own seat, so I knew it would be a bit of a squeeze.

The flight out was booked for the evening, 6.35, which is bedtime. We thought this would be ideal as we could all have tea in the airport and then have a sleep on the plane!

Easyjet allow you to bring two items for your child (for the £20 each way fee). The choice is between a travel cot, car seat and pushchair. Thankfully we could hire a cot in Spain, so just wanted our car seat and pushchair. My parents managed to find me a £10 MaClaren pushchair at a car boot sale so I didn't have to worry about my £500 travel system getting damaged in the hold, and I also have a second hand car seat that was living in my sister's loft from her babies. Having items that I wasn't worried about took some stress off, as my sister in law does a lot of travelling with her baby and has managed to get her car seat lost, delayed and damaged on numerous occasions in the past year!
Boarding all went well, as we had a child we got priority boarding so just walked straight up to the gate and got straight on, leaving the pushchair at the door.

I fed Ryan as we took off to help protect his ears, and then he fell asleep for an hour. Although there's not much room, and I couldn't do it if he was much bigger, it was easy to get him in the right position for breastfeeding, and on the way down I just gave him a bottle of water to suck on. He had no problems, and it was a very peaceful flight. The way back was just as easy. Alicante airport gives special assistance to families with babies, and this time Ryan fell asleep before we even took off.

All in all I found the whole experience quite stress free and would happily do it again!

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