Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Invisible Children

It's been said in the past and I'm sure it will continue to remain a subject of much discussion, but where have all these invisible children come from?

I'm talking of course about the ones whose parents park in the parent and child spaces at the supermarkets. So many times I have had my eye on one of these spaces when someone whizzes in and dashes out of their car, dragging their invisible child along with them.

The thing about invisible children is that their parents don't really need the wide space that real parents require. I wonder if they've ever tried maneuvering a car seat containing a 9lb 12oz baby out the back of a 3 door car, following the major surgery that is a caesarian? Of course not, because they don't actually have children!

Parent and child spaces are wider to give parents that bit of extra space we need to get our children safely out the car without crashing the doors into another car. They tend to be nearer the shop, but to be fair, I wouldn't mind if they were a bit further away to avoid people parking in them. It's about time something was done about this. Tesco hand out parking passes to members of their baby club, but what's the point of this if they don't police it?

Before I end my rant, I think to top it off, the worst people are the ones who think an empty car seat counts as a child. These are the people who should know better.

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