Friday, 6 July 2012

Osgood Shclatters

I was really interested to read this blog post by IQ Therapies who provide physio support for my netball club.

I was still in primary school when I was diagnosed with Osgood Shclatters Disease, which I was told at the time was quite young really as it usually affects children in their teens.

I'd always been very active, always outside running around, riding my bike, swimming, and playing netball in my school team. I can't remember now if I did get any aching before the lump appeared on my knee, but as soon as it appeared my parents whisked me off to the doctors. They didn't really give us much information at the time. I was told to rest for six weeks, although I could still swim, and was prescribed Ibuprofen, which I actually found quite exciting as I had to have special permission to take it into school with me to have with my lunch!

I've never read up on it before, but this article was very interesting. I still get flair ups now and again where my knee aches, and will always have the lump, and I do wonder if I had taken the slow route back into activity maybe I wouldn't still suffer now. From what I remember I just went back to my normal boisterous self once I'd had my six weeks off, as I wasn't given any other advice.

I'd love for my son, and any other children I may have to be sporty and full of life as I always was, but this is something I'd look out for now, which I think a lot of parents wouldn't always think of. We're always encouraged to get active but not often warned about overuse.

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